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Unlock iPhone 4 and experience complete freedom from your UK carrier’s network restrictions. Unlocking your iPhone while you are on contract with any carrier will allow you to avoid massive roaming bills when you travel internationally, but even at home it will allow you to enjoy better signals and better plans from other carriers.

Although it's an enticing idea to unlock iPhone 4 from your carrier’s network and start using other SIMs, you need to be aware of the legitimate and illegitimate methods to achieve this.

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Unethical methods involve techniques like hardware unlocking and software unlocking, that is not dissimilar to jailbreaking your iPhone 4 or it's siblings. These methods might work if you are lucky, but they could also end up violating your carrier’s terms of use and put you in legal hot water.

Stay away from all that trouble and apply for an iPhone unlock with a reputed and certified unlock service provider like IMEIDoctor.com. Our privileged access status with all carriers and with Apple gives us authorized access to change the lock status of your particular device.

Unlock iPhone 4 by whitelisting your IMEI number

The process, called IMEI whitelisting, involves extensive backend work that will be executed by us and our experienced team. All you have to do is do a quick IMEI check on our website, validate your device’s eligibility for an unlock, and then apply to unlock your iPhone 4

Once this is done, you can go about your work as usual while we carry out the process behind the scenes. In just a few days, you will receive an email from us notifying you of your unlock code, which you can then use to untether your device from your carrier. By spending just a few pounds and waiting a few days, you can enjoy all the convenience of an unlocked iPhone and still benefit from the privileges that your monthly contract with your carrier provides.

Rather than risk losing a lot of money and endangering the safety of your device, we encourage you to consider IMEI whitelisting with the help of IMEIDoctor.com as your preferred and only choice to unlock iPhone 4

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