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Quickly unlock your Watch S6 44mm to be free to use on any carrier or network with our simple digital unlocking service. IMEIDoctor has a 100% guarantee to release and unlock your phone for use with any sim card legally and quickly with our AppleCare approved method.

What network is the device locked to

Unlock your Watch S6 44mm from these USA networks:

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Devices we support

Using IMEIDoctor, we can unlock your Watch S6 44mm in a matter of hours to be able to use any sim card worldwide.

When you purchase an Watch S6 44mm, you are restricted with using only a sim card from the original carrier. This means that you cannot source cheaper deals elsewhere, and you have to use expensive roaming fees when travelling.

With our safe, legal, and official Apple sanctioned Watch S6 44mm unlocks, you can free your Watch S6 44mm from the restrictions of a particular network. Our quick and easy process is performed "over the air" via Wifi or cellular connection by whitelisting your Watch S6 44mm's IMEI in Apple's database. You can continue to use your iPhone throughout the process, which takes around 12-24 hours.

All of our Watch S6 44mm unlocks are covered by our no quibble, money back guarantee, giving you peace of mind with the process.

Your AppleCare warranty is not affected by unlocking with IMEIDoctor.

How to unlock an Watch S6 44mm

Step 1. Simply enter your IMEI number in the form above. We will then communicate with Apple and get your device details (model, status etc).

Step 2. Click "Unlock for any sim card" in order to unlock your Watch S6 44mm.

Step 3. Enter your payment details using our payment service provider.

Step 4. We will inform you when the Watch S6 44mm unlock is complete.

Unlocks processed